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Mentor Program Overview

One-On-One Mentoring
One way to engage is as a dedicated mentor to an E-Scholars venture or if your schedule allows, a few E-Scholars ventures. Working as a mentor with an E-Scholars venture is a long-term commitment of two years and will involve frequent one-on-one meetings with your mentee(s) to help them think about issues in new ways and find creative solutions for their problems.

  • Mentors are available on mutually agreeable times and may participate in offices provided at UMKC or off-site location.

Meetings are designed to effectively work through the various program gates that E-Scholars must complete such as presenting at mentor reviews.

Mentor Team Collaboration
E-Scholars Opportunity Assessment programs occur where the E-Scholars create various steps and documents throughout the program. Mentors meet in groups of three and evaluate the E-Scholars and the progress they are making through the path of entrepreneurship. E-Scholar participants are in the meeting to have a meaningful dialogue and exchange of feedback from different mentors who provide insight together for the E-Scholar.

Demo Day
Each semester of the E-Scholars program the E-Scholars have an opportunity to present their business ideas to a group of mentors for validation and vetting as a starting point to move deeper into the program. The event is held on a Friday and students receive a great deal of feedback and input from the mentors to help facilitate the experience. Mentors at these presentations can select who they might like to work with on a one to one basis as the program moves forward.

UMKC Law Clinic and Mentor Legal Services
The UMKC Regnier Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and the UMKC School of Law collaborate in providing qualifying E-Scholars with opportunities to obtain free “startup” legal services in connection with their ventures. The purpose of the program is to facilitate the development of new ventures by offering E-Scholars who do not have adequate financial resources to pay legal fees in connection with the startup of their ventures some options to obtain free startup legal services, subject to what the organization feels is a reasonable time frame, limitations and expectations described in the informational document.

Visit the UMKC Entrepreneurial Legal Services Clinic Web site

Entrepreneur in-Residence (EIR)
Another way to engage is as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR). Over the last academic year, we had EIRs dedicate 200 hours of their collective time each semester to providing ventures and entrepreneurs with advice and recommendations for how to approach problems they are facing in their ventures. EIRs are available to meet with Bloch students from our academic programs and our cross campus initiatives that partner with the Bloch school delivering entrepreneurship curriculum.

Entrepreneur-in-Residence program provides students the opportunity to arrange appointments with a smaller segment of select mentor volunteers and is open to the total student population as well defined priorities across E-Scholars E1-E4 program stage gates.

A new and important element of this year’s EIR program is a Mentor (Lori Pemberton) who will work only with women entrepreneurs.

  • Mentors counsel students on business structure, management, and general questions that students have, augmenting their classroom experiences with industry subject matter experts.

  • Meetings take place on campus with office hours that accommodate both mentors and students.

Entrepreneur in Residence profiles can be accessed here.

Mentor Speakers Bureau
Mentors in classrooms lecture to students on experiences, risks and rewards of the path entrepreneurs may follow. Classroom setting is very interactive and allows for open dialogue; mentor and students gain the perspective of how mentors were successful or unsuccessful in their own personal path to creating businesses. In the past, when students have given feedback on their courses, one of the most popular items have been the visits that mentors have made to classrooms to lead case studies or talk about real-world experiences. Faculty from across the department dedicates a certain number of class sessions for bringing in mentors to work with students on a specific topic.

Mentor-on-Demand is a new program where community leaders have volunteered for occasional participation and may have a background or experience in a specific area and are willing to meet once a semester just to help out a team or program participant. The time mentor time commitment is limited however the benefit to the student is tremendous because of the focus.

Mentor-on-Demand program for mentors who can be brought in to judge the Venture Creation Challenge, Roo Idea Jump concept feasibility competition, and various opportunities for one-off judging and evaluation of the many competition programs the students participate in throughout the academic year. These mentors may not be available on a regular basis and instead volunteer when needed.

E-Scholars Incubator Mentors
This is a mentor segment to work with growth stage graduates from our E-Scholars program that are provided office and work space at the UMKC Incubator. Many mentors enjoy working with businesses and projects after they are launched and need a different type of interaction and guidance to reach the targeted revenues that the businesses set as their goals. The type of interaction is designed to help achieve this early stage launch for a smaller set of graduate E-Scholars.

Mentor Instructional Coaches
Mentors who have teaching or workshop experience facilitate learning of specific content such as Human Resources, operations, finance etc. provide workshops for E-Scholars. Usually four hour increments with hands on experiential interaction.

If you have aspirations to become an entrepreneur, be on the team of an entrepreneurial venture and experience all of the entrepreneurial resources the Regnier Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation has to offer, then this is for you!

Beginning this fall, applications will be available to enter the Hatchery as a Student Venture Team. From 6 to 8 “Teams” will be created around entrepreneurial concepts. These concepts could be an idea that a student has for a venture, a great technology that needs a team to fully develop or an existing company that can benefit from a student team made up of creative and innovative students.

  • Development of teams to create for profit and nonprofit ventures

  • Ideal space where creativity and inspiration flow freely

  • Computers and technology dedicated to student ventures

  • Seed funding to cover some expenses such as travel and materials

  • Mentorship by UMKC professors and successful entrepreneurs in the community

  • Legal guidance and support from the UMKC Law School

  • Networking with entrepreneur support organization in the Greater KC Community

  • Market Research support and guidance

  • Workshops and seminars on a wide range of topics of interest to entrepreneurs

  • Access to entrepreneurship competitions where cash awards are available

The Hatchery

Venture Challenge, Roo Jump Competition
Mentors judge our competitive programs that take our students through feasibility analysis and our Venture Challenge that offers students up to $50,000 in prizes. These competitive experiences are invaluable to our students to understand how to interact with professionals from the business community.

Regnier Venture Creation Challenge
Roo Idea Jump