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Mentor Program Overview

This section of the website is for mentors and those interested in joining the mentor community at the Regnier Institute at the Bloch School of Management. Here you will find resources, information, and tools to manage your engagement.

One way we further the mission of the Regnier Institute is by providing entrepreneurs with assistance, advice, and help as they develop their ideas, business plans, and ventures. This we accomplish in large part thanks to the volunteer efforts of our many mentors, men and women with extensive experience and expertise. Starting with a smaller initial group, our mentors now number more than one hundred. Their support of entrepreneurial activities and education enriches our students and enhances UMKC’s standing as the home of one of the world’s premier entrepreneurship institutes.

Mentors are selected for more than their experience. They exhibit the desire to see potential entrepreneurs succeed, and their relationships with the men and women they advise are a source of both pride and accomplishment. Our mentors also care about this community, and see working with E-Scholars and students as one way to increase the economic vitality of the Kansas City region. The mentors affiliated with the Institute exhibit a wide range of functional skills in disciplines such as finance, operations, human resource development, marketing, and law. Their careers include vast experience in many fields of enterprise, from high tech to high touch, and representing products and services provided to consumers, other businesses, and governments here in the US and worldwide.

Mentors are principally concerned with educating entrepreneurs and assisting ventures to be commercially successful. By applying your collective experience to these ventures, you can provide a considerable level of expertise to ventures and make a significant impact.

There are three ways to engage as a mentor:

The E-Scholars Program offers a practical curriculum of workshop-structured instruction designed to provide E-Scholars of all types with a practical framework for advancing their ventures. Mentors provide highly individualized coaching to ventures.

Entrepreneurs in Residence provide assistance and advice to students studying entrepreneurship and other disciplines with projects, with ventures they create for their entrepreneurship classes. Entrepreneurs in Residence are nominated by Regnier Institute faculty each year.

Mentors in Classrooms connects mentors with Bloch School students during their class sessions. They provide experience and expertise that adds a practical perspective to specific topics taught in classes. Mentors can choose how and when they engage by signing up for specific sessions on this website.