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Riddhiman Das

Talent Helix

"I decided to apply to the E-Scholars program because I am a computer science major at UMKC and I believed that the E-Scholars program would give me an opportunity an excellent opportunity to apply my domain knowledge into developing products and services that really helped the community. The E-Scholars program has so far exceeded all of my expectations and has really helped me to gain entrepreneurial as well as business skills. I have been enabled to network with a lot of business professionals in the area which has opened up doors to apply and look for more jobs after I graduate. I have gained a lot of knowledge about how to get a business up and running, how to develop a revenue model , write an executive summary, and write a business plan. These skills have helped me get up my own venture and get rolling."

Tim Sylvester

Integrated Roadways

"The E-Scholars program helped me turn an okay business concept into a viable business plan with great prospects, and matched me with the mentors and resources necessary to help turn our plans into ongoing operations. The program opened doors that were previously closed to me, and the Regnier Institute's faculty and staff truly care about our success. When I tell people that we are a product of the Bloch School, IEI, and E-Scholars program, that provides unmatched credibility and name recognition for a business at our stage of development. Thanks to the E-Scholars program, I was able to go directly from my degree program to full-time employment at my own business, and we are currently working on several six figure contracts in our first year of operation. If Kansas City succeeds in becoming the Most Entrepreneurial City in the World, it will be in no small part due to the E-Scholars program and its graduates."

Kristin Kenney, JD


"My participation in the inaugural E-Scholars class has been an incredibly meaningful experience and has positively impacted me, personally and professionally. E-Scholars provided me with robust mentorship, high level instruction in entrepreneurship, access to incredible opportunities, and participation in a community that has led to lasting friendships and professional relationships.

I applied to E-Scholars near the end of my first year of law school at UMKC School of Law, where I emphasized in Business and Entrepreneurial Law, because I believed that gaining a multi-dimensional understanding of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship would enable me to provide more robust service to future entrepreneurial clients. During the course of E-Scholars and subsequent participation with Bloch's Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, I realized effective legal technology was necessary to effect change in the struggling legal industry, specifically by decreasing the cost of legal services to clients, thereby increasing access to justice, while increasing profitability and productivity for legal professionals. Changing the legal industry through legal technology has become my passion, and E-Scholars provided me the foundation to accomplish this goal.

E-Scholars is special because it is more than just a theoretical approach to education. In addition to obtaining education on principles of entrepreneurship taught by industry leaders, students engage in mentorship relationships with experts, professionals, and serial entrepreneurs, work in a collaborative environment, and are offered continuing opportunities to participate in competitions and present their ventures. Many of the relationships I established during my participation with E-Scholars have continued and grown into valuable friendships and professional relationships.

I cannot more highly recommend E-Scholars. I will be eternally grateful to the passionate and dedicated faculty, staff, and mentors at E-Scholars for providing such an effective, interdisciplinary, and collaborative program that is such a beneficial contribution, at both an individual and community level."

Bruce Steinberg

President, Fine Foods of America Inc.

"The UMKC Entrepreneurship Scholarship program has a robust curriculum that teaches and engages participants in understanding real-world knowledge of how to start and manage a successful business. The program is taught by UMKC Regnier Institute's faculty as well as a wide range of highly experienced experts. The E-scholar Program also connects students with mentors who are leaders in their respective fields. I was fortunate to be accepted into the E-Scholar Program in its first round of reaching out to the Kansas City area community, outside of the students attending UMKC, to be a part of the program. I have had several mentors who have helped to accelerate and solidify my business venture. The mentors and faculty have also provided invaluable networking opportunities that have opened many doors to help my business. The UMKC Entrepreneurship Scholarship Program is an asset to Kansas City, and is playing a significant role in helping Kansas City with its initiative to be the most entrepreneurial city in the country."

Larry Hunter-Blank

"Over my career, I have managed a portfolio of business in excess of $300 million. However, I have never run my own business with my own money.  The Entrepreneur Scholars program allowed me the opportunity to consider my business from many different perspectives.  The diversity of experience within the programs staff and their many mentors, allowed me a unique opportunity to test my business model to learn what worked best.  It allowed me a safe haven in which to test the product and its appeal and tweak our presentation in time for our initial launch.  

Ultimately, it provided a structure to develop, test, and refine the creation of my business plan and the manner in which I approached the market.  I am grateful for that opportunity and would recommend the experience to anyone looking to launch a new business regardless of their prior background."

Sara Allison

Real Life 101

"Despite already having an MBA in Entrepreneurship, this program was a game-changer for me and my business. Any entrepreneur is capable of having a great idea, but taking the idea and making money with it requires a well thought-out plan and solid execution. This program results in better, more well-rounded entrepreneurs by closing the gap between having the idea and executing it flawlessly. Dr. Michael Song and his team are top-notch. I am so grateful to have been able to learn from such intelligent, hard-working and enthusiastic individuals who were as genuinely committed to my success as I was. The E-Scholars Program should be a requirement for every entrepreneur to develop their toolkit. Without it, the gap between having a great idea and executing it to perfection is too vast."

Alexander Dickmann

Bloch School of Management
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Going Up Media

"The E-Scholars program has provided me resources that I would not have had access to otherwise. Meeting with the people I’ve met, both my mentors and other mentors within the program, the Entrepreneurs-in-Residence and the resources they have given me, not only their knowledge but their potential to invest, to become a partner, to recommend other people to partner with has been the most valuable thing. It’s about the people, really. You just can’t get that anywhere else. If you just have an idea, you have no business or entrepreneurship background whatsoever, they will take you and your idea and help you refine it and turn it into something that is commercially viable. They will take you from the idea to bringing the product or service to the market. The E-Scholars program has accelerated the process of implementing my business idea and has also helped avoid costly mistakes which I would have otherwise made."

Carlanda Mckinney

Customized bra online store

"I would recommend this program to other people because it is awesome. If you have an idea and you don’t know where or how to get started, this is the absolutely perfect program to do that. They give you the tools to:

(1) Decide whether your idea is even a good one
(2) Implement your idea and put it into motion

Without the resources of the entrepreneurship program, my ideas would just be ideas, they wouldn’t be in business plans. Meeting with the mentors, the faculty, and the students and realizing that everyone wants to see everyone succeed is extremely surprising because it is not always that way, where everyone wants to see you succeed. There is a team mentality that we are going to get there and you are going to help us get there and we are going to do this together. This has been a really pleasant surprise."