The Innovation Track

The Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) with emphasis in Entrepreneurship is designed to provide students with the tool kit, roadmap, skill set, experience and confidence to play a strong role in innovative organizations by creating exceptional value.

The Innovation Management Track

Those students who want to create value and distinguish themselves within an existing company might choose the Innovation Management Track. In addition to the business core, this program requires two mandatory classes that cover the introduction to entrepreneurship and New Product Development, followed by a minimum of three electives that provide students with the capability to develop and launch new initiatives wherever they choose to work.

Undergraduate Requirements beyond the business core: Entrepreneurship with Innovation Management Track

Required Courses:

ENT 215/315

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

ENT 361

New Product Development

Electives: Select three of the following

ENT 321

Real Estate Principles

ENT 325

Creativity for Innovation, Problem Solving and Entrepreneurship

ENT 326

Creativity, Innovation, and Problem Solving

ENT 327

Creating the New Venture: Experiential Learning

ENT 328

Creating the E-Business Experiential Learning

ENT 332

Managing the New Venture: Experiential Learning

ENT 341

Technology Entrepreneurship

ENT 364

Entrepreneurial Management and Innovation

ENT 412

Entrepreneurial Finance and Venture Capital Investment

ENT 421

Real Estate Finance Fundamentals

ENT 425

Corporate Entrepreneurship

ENT 432

Entrepreneurial Marketing and Selling

ENT 446

Entrepreneurial Selling and Sales Force Management

ENT 491

Entrepreneurial Consulting

Or, select two courses from the above list and one of the following

FIN 345


FIN 419

Financial Statement Analysis

MKT 348

Market Analysis

MKT 442

Internet/Direct Marketing

MKT 476

Services Marketing

MKT 480

Marketing Strategy

*Students in the Entrepreneurship emphasis replace the Bloch School capstone course, ENT 460, with a 300- or 400-level Bloch School elective.


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